Fixing startups with
broken development
I help teams to get focused, iterate faster, and improve quality using agile methods,
refined backlog, and process automation.
Have you ever asked yourself a question,

How can we do better as a team?

I know that it's common for many startups to live with broken processes.

Founders have just too many things to care: hiring engineers, releasing new features, fixing bugs, reporting to investors…

Sounds familiar? Then you've come to the right place!
Hey, I'm Ilya
I'm a product manager and satellite oceanography amateur.

I spent over a decade mastering coding skills, coaching teams, and launching startups.

Today I use all my knowledge helping early-stage startups to get the development processes in place, set up rapid experiments, and growth systems.

Keep scrolling to learn how I do this.
How I work?
The 9-step process
to transform your team
from average to great.
It's critical to observe the current state before making any changes.

We measure the further progress by comparing with the initial state 📈
Visualize processes
We use Kanban method to visualize every step of your product development for finding bottlenecks and increasing the team's productivity.
Automate routines
We eliminate any manual labor by setting up systems like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Let the robots suffer, not humans 🤖

Change the flow
We start bringing changes to your team's workflow. For that, we introduce code reviews and pull requests, review QA practices, and deal with the technical debt.
Refine Backlog
It's a radical clean up – you backlog never was so short! 😁

Then, we go through the rest of the User Stories, and rewrite them for clarity and maximized outcome.
Scrum, Kanban, XP, Agile — some of these tools may work for your team and some may not. We introduce a methodology or adjust the way you use it.
We make sure that everyone knows each other’s responsibilities and boundaries.

We make your stakeholders involved and provided with the progress.
Empathy and Customers
We make sure that everyone in the team knows who are the users, what are their jobs, activities, pains, and gains.

We connect your development team with the customers and users.
Purpose and Strategy
We define the vision and the strategy, then connect them with the actual goals and outline the product's roadmap 📅
that helps me to speak the same language with developers
and transform customers' needs into product features

–Technical background

Wait, we are not done yet...
"No market need"
— the #1 reason
why startups fail.
You don't want to be the one.
I help founders
to build the right product

Teams minimize the risks
of building the wrong thing
and faster achieve Product-Market fit
using the Learn-Build-Measure loop.
Research and customer interviews help us to find out the actual users needs and create hypotheses for rapid experiments.
When the development processes are in place, it takes a little time for the team to release a new product increment. Something functional, reliable, usable and delightful at the same time.
We measure the outcome's impact and gather customer feedback. Metrics help us to understand the performance.
We take what we measured and get back to learning, to keep making your product awesome!
that makes me the best match
if your product enables geospatial or satellite data
–Earth Observation & GIS
I also write a newsletter called The Saturday Satellites ⧉
Piruza Harutjunjan
Partner and Business Lead at Proekspert
Ilya is a truly responsible product manager with excellent peoples skills and a strong expertise in building technologically complex products.
Tõnis Saag
Product Manager (Driver Experience) at Bolt
Ilya possesses a well-balanced set of technical background, software development management skills, and business instincts.
Oh, by the way...
I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner
Taught by Roman Pichler in London, 2017
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